What GREAT listing agents have in common | Episode 15

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Sep 25 2019 26 mins   1
What does it look like from the other side of the transaction? What do our buyer's agents see when dealing with a great listing agent on the other side? Also is it possible to generate a buyer a week? What would your real estate business look like if you were generating a listing a week or more? On the Listing A Week Podcast, you will learn to provide world-class value to your clients with proven strategies and helpful insights that will completely transform your mindset and your business. Join Texas-based broker, author, and radio host Todd Tramonte as he and his team of experts share how they're closing more deals with higher commissions. Don't miss our latest tips for differentiating from the average agent. Are you interested in learning from Todd and his team? Todd's Listing A Week System is proven to show agents how they can get a listing a week in their real estate businesses. https://AListingAWeek.com