Renewable Heating - Heat Policy Part 2

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Feb 11 2020 61 mins   7

Carbon capture storage, gas networks, Future Homes Standard it's all discussed in part 2 of Ken Bone and Nathan's trip to Cornwall to meet with Richard Lowes. In this episode we are also joined by Sovay Berriman who discusses her transition into the heating world from art and higher education.

At the beginning of the episode you will hear Richard talk about the ways engineers can help shape policy. It's not easy but he gives examples. He also mentions a study which was carried out by Faye Wade at Edinburgh university which sounds extremely interesting.

Richard is part of the energy policy group at Exeter and he has become a valuable part of the heating community. 

Both Nathan and Sovay have PGCE qualifications and they discuss the lack of evidenced based learning within the heating training sector

Take a listen and enjoy