Renewable Energy - Diversity and Inclusion

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Feb 12 2020 47 mins   7

In this episode Nathan travelled to meet Rebecca from Building People and Abi Burns and Leah Robson from Your Energy Your Way. The discussion considered inclusion and diversity within the renewable and construction sector.

Abi comes from a research background and is now training with Your Energy Your Way so we touched on training within the renewable sector.

Leah does a grand job of describing a sunamp heat storage unit to Rebecca and how they work with a phase change material PCM.

You can hear also how Leah entered the industry having previously come from an IT background and her passion for installing heat pump and solar technology.

Your Energy Your Way is an MCS [Microgeneration Certification Scheme] certified company and you can find more about them here

Building People, much like Your Energy Your Way have a focus on training and diversity. They are a social enterprise and have three founding partners: Chartered Surveyors Training Trust, The Chartered Surveyors' Company and University College of Estate Management and you can find them here