Evan Shoemaker - The Agency Subscription Model

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Feb 13 2020 47 mins   2

In this episode, Andre talks with Evan Shoemaker about using a subscription pricing model for their agency, his communication strategy and solutions to common pitfalls. 

Topics include:

  • How he went from customizing themes for $500, to building large custom sites for companies like Gosite, Optimize, CrazyEgg, Drift, Student Loan Hero and more.
  • Making the decision to be a world-class developer vs being a business owner.
  • Turning a passion for product design into a business identity.
  • How using a subscription model for your agency can be beneficial for both you and your client.
  • How using a subscription model can replace "maintenance plans" with a better ongoing relationship and get better results for clients.
  • How using a 2-week sprint model helps define a continual, flexible scope, and makes last-minute requests easier to discuss.
  • Benefits of a project manager also being an account manager in an agency.
  • How to communicating boundaries upfront has been super helpful to prevent unreasonable requests.
  • How tracking project profitability has been one of the most helpful metrics when building an agency.


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