Reclining Airline Seats – Whose Space Is It Anyway?

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Feb 22 2020 14 mins   2

How do you deal with someone reclining their airline seat while you’re trying to read? And how do you deal with someone behind you who doesn’t want you to decline your seat? This very small encounter can create heated exchanges, as seen in the video links below.

The resolution could be very simple when viewed through a behavioral lens. The first question is about ownership: who owns the space – the person wanting to recline or the person wanting to read?

In this week’s episode, we apply the behavioral lens to a situation that need not be so difficult if the drink and snack cart is handy.

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The video that sparked the conversation:

The Endowment Effect and other biases:

How to Resolve Seat Disputes: Use Behavioral Economics.

41% of Fliers Think You’re Rude:

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The Knee Defender:

Tale of Two Markets:

Coase Theory:

Tim Houlihan: @THoulihan

Kurt Nelson, PhD: @WhatMotivates