Episode 024 - Denver Winchester, PLS

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Feb 23 2020 55 mins   8

Denver Winchester, PLS has been working in the land surveying industry for nearly 11 years and is currently the Vice President of Surveying at Crafton Tull in Oklahoma City. Denver studied Civil Engineering at the University of Oklahoma and Land Survey Technology at Oklahoma State University. His mom was a survey drafter growing up and he swore he’d never be a surveyor…it sucks you in! Denver is passionate about helping to develop young surveyors and is the President of the FIG/NSPS Young Surveyors Network. Details are released about the new Geoholics Fan Club. Producer Jake has a big announcement, Big Shoots talks about how White Claw is giving him nightmares and DD converts to nominalism…at least for the week. Music for this episode by Des Rocs!