19 — Terumah: The Forbidden Yarns

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Feb 27 2020 40 mins   19

This week, we discuss that holiest of things: making handicrafts. Jaz gives one of the shortest ever parsha summaries and still can't make it within the time limit, but nonetheless really shines (glitters?) in this episode where they get to geek out about yarn on air like never before. Also, Lulav throws us back in time to Hanukkah for a sec, and Jaz is apparently a Midas, except that everything they touch turns Jewish. Plus, we speculate on what cherubim could look like, and honestly, please tell us what you think cherubim look like.

The full episode transcript can be found here.

You can join my Facebook group, G-d Save Us From Your Stitchwork: A Place for Crafts & Judaism. You do not have to have any particular level of crafting skill; the group name isn't about commenting judgmentally on your work, but is a riff on this FB group

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