Get Embodied for Better Orgasms, Which Leads to A Better Life

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Many of us have been taught from and early age that our bodies are not safe places to be. We've cut ourselves off from out bodies and live mainly in our heads. This also cuts us off from all the wonders of the body and all the pleasure that can unfold from being truly present with it. Being embodied means feeling all the pleasure and feeling all the pleasure means amazing orgasmic capacity. Being embodied also means living a more fulfilling life. Humans have an awesome potential to live unbounded lives and I believe that path is through the body, not around it. I'll be joined by my expert guest Dr. Dain Heer who has written a series of books on the topics of embodiment, healing and sexuality. Dr. Dain has written a book called: Sex Is Not A Four Letter Word But Relationship Often Times Is. and he has a six week telecall series called: 7-Steps to Orgasm.