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Feb 29 2020 1 mins   24

Interdict is a verb that means to prohibit or stop. It can also be used as a noun that refers to a prohibition.

Our word of the day is of Latin origin. It combines the prefix I-N-T-E-R, meaning ‘between’ and

dicere, (DEE chair ay) meaning ‘to say’ or ‘to speak.’

In the past, anyone guilty of violating an interdict was subject to being cut off from having privileges from or attending, the Catholic church. In more recent years the word is used in contexts with less severe punishments.

An example of interdict as a noun would be: The office interdict forbade the use of use cell phones during working hours. As a verb, an example is: I understand why they wouldn’t want people talking excessively on their phone, but it seems a little extreme to interdict cell phone use altogether.