Couples in Love - Tips, Turn Ons, Best Sex & Laughter.

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Feb 28 2020 43 mins   6
I this lively episode 11, 4 couples talk together about all things committed relationship.

From talking about best and funniest sex experiences, why hotel sex is so hot, to what they most adore about each other, and what turns each other on - this episode dips into the heart of real life intimacy.

Many questions are asked that would benefit any couple to answer. Except perhaps the question,
"What most annoys you about your partner?" lol.

Enjoy being a part of this couple round table and getting to know Laurel and Dave, Jamie and Jason, Kristen and Byron and me Leslie and my love Doug.

Make a point to listen clear through when all couples talk "super powers" and weigh in on "How important a HOT sex life is to them."

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Leslie Gustafson- Sex & Master Therapist and Empowerment Coach. I can be found on Instagram @LeslieGustafson1 and Facebook.