J.J. Vallow, Tylee Ryan, & Lori Vallow

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Mar 04 2020 51 mins   5
I advertise my new podcast in the beginning so if you want to get right to the case skip to 7:12.

This case has been so widely publicized I am sure you have heard about it before stopping here, but I still had to cover it. This case has so many details, so many people, and so many places. There are doomsday cults, mysterious deaths, and now two missing children J.J. and Tylee who need recognition in this case. Currently, Lori Vallow is being sent back to Idaho to have a court hearing on Friday, we will see what comes of this.

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The researcher I used for this case apparently deleted her profile on Fiverr but she was great at the research so I wanted to thank her again!

Here is the link to the new podcast that comes out on April 3rd about Missing 411 cases: https://www.spreaker.com/episode/23306202