20 — Tetzaveh: Priestly Drag

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Mar 05 2020 46 mins   18

This week, we go full-on heretical, and discuss the ways in which actually, we're happier without the temple, thanks very much. Also, Lulav tries her hand at another very short summary, we ponder the mysteries of the gemsonas of each of the 12 tribes, and we have a nice sit-down dinner with G-d. 

Full transcript available here.

You can follow @nireh_or on Instagram and check out the books Soul of the Stranger by Joy Ladin and The Orchard by Yochi Brandes and if you like those, you're welcome to also just peruse Jaz's Goodreads. Also Steven Universe is available to watch on Hulu if you'd like to learn about the gem wars and make your own gemsona.

Content note: graphic discussion of animal slaughter from 26:17 to 29:32.

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