21 — Ki Tisa: The Cow Was Just There Bro, I Swear

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Mar 12 2020 42 mins   16

This week, Jaz and Lulav debate if flat taxes are okay if you don't have any inherited wealth and instead just a bunch of stolen money, question whether Aharon and his sons are human, and apply a Mulaney meme to our favorite sibling trio. Also, Jaz reveals their brother's proposal to de-gender the word "fellow," which we need zoomers to get on ASAP. 

The full episode transcript can be found here.

You can check out the Twitter accounts for trans daf yomi and Queer Daf Yomi and disabilitydaf. (UPDATE: As of October 2020, two of those accounts have since changed their handles and are no longer about the daf; to respect the privacy of our friends, we are not linking to their accounts.) Here's the article about the karan/keren translation.

Content note: discussion of a massacre from 24:46-27:49.

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