Anxiety, Intimacy & Overcoming - One Man's Story. _ Episode 12

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Mar 13 2020 46 mins   4
Drew Linsalata* joins Leslie to talk about his compelling journey of
overcoming Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Agoraphobia and the impact those had on his relational
and intimate life.

Much ground is covered about the reality of what disabling anxiety is and the impact it can have on one's whole life. However, the gold in this episode is HOW Drew overcame and the path
that is helping many, many others do the same.

This episode travels through Drew's history from his first devastating panic attack at age 20 to the painful depth of a profound depression, which was "terrifying" and had him gravely disconnected from himself and those he loved.

Drew has much to say and example to anyone about tenacity, hope, how to become fully alive and live a productive and purpose filled life that helps others. And to those who are in the trenches of anxiety or depression, this is a must hear story that provides education, inspiration and real evidence that anxiety and depression do not have to have the last word. Beating debilitating fear is possible!

Anxiety is a known significant obstacle for sexual functioning and positive sexual and relational intimacy. Drew openly talks about his experiences with this and offers great insight and tips about how to enjoy heightened emotions and be eager and unafraid of connection and physical intimacy.

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Drew Linsalata and Leslie Gustafson can both be found on Facebook and Instagram

*Drew is the creator and host of The Anxious Truth, a slightly unorthodox anxiety podcast that’s been in full swing since 2015. With over 500,000 downloads (and growing), The Anxious Truth has spawned a large, vibrant and engaged social media community of amazing humans supporting, inspiring, encouraging and empowering each other to overcome anxiety and fear.
Having suffered with anxiety, panic disorder, agoraphobia, and depression several times over a 20 year period, Drew got it together once and for all in 2008. Since then life has been happy, productive, and “normal” (although we’d all be hard pressed to define normal at times).
For the last 15 years Drew has been active in the online anxiety community, working to use his experience and understanding to help those that are following down the path he’s travelled. His no-nonsense approach to these problems and willingness to provide direct, actionable advice even when it might not be easy to hear, has established him as a unique voice in the community.