Iconoclast - #490

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Jan 22 2019 1 mins   13

Today's word of the day is iconoclast. It's spelled I-C-O-N-O-C-L-A-S-T. Iconoclast is a noun that means a person who attacks settled customs or institutions.

You may you know the icon as referring to an object or person of uncritical devotion. It came from the Ancient Greek eikon (ee KON ahh) to mean a religious symbol or image. With the addition of 'cast,’ we get 'image breaker,' a good metaphor to help us understand our word of the day's meaning.

Salvador Dali is regarded as a great iconoclast of art. His groundbreaking images radically changed everything we thought we knew about painting.

Once again, iconoclast is spelled I-C-O-N-O-C-L-A-S-T.