Lachrymose - #465

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Dec 29 2018 14

Today’s word of the day is lachrymose. It’s spelled L-A-C-H-R-Y-M-O-S-E. Lachrymose is an adjective that means tending to cause tears.

Our word of the day has its origin in lacrima (LAA Cree ma) the Latin word for tear. Lachrymose may refer to someone or something that sheds tears or causes them in others, but let’s be clear that we’re referring here to tears of sadness — not joy. 

My sister is a sucker for those lachrymose soap operas. With all those deaths, heartbreaks and unrequited loves, she is always in tears by the end of each episode.

Once again, the spelling of lachrymose is L-A-C-H-R-Y-M-O-S-E.