Crocodilian - #478

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Jan 10 2019 1 mins   13

Today's word of the day is crocodilian, C-R-O-C-O-D-I-L-I-A-N. Crocodilian is an adjective that means hypocritical or insincere.

If you recognize the word crocodile in our word of the day, you can probably guess that crocodilian means 'related to or like a crocodile.' But a less common use of the word is as a synonym of hypocritical or insincere. Anyone who's seen a crocodile patiently hide in water to trap a prey can easily understand this use of crododilian. 

Brett's crocodilian nature was revealed soon after he learned of Laura's fortune. Once the money was available, he abandoned any disguise of docility.

Crocodilian is spelled C-R-O-C-O-D-I-L-I-A-N.