Sisyphean - #487

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Jan 19 2019 1 mins   13

Today's word of the day is sisyphean, S-I-S-Y-P-H-E-A-N. Sisyphean is an adjective that means endless.

The myth of Sisyphus is an ancient Greek tale of a King whose punishment for deceitful behavior was to be forced to roll an giant rock up a hill only to have the rock roll back down the hill, urging him to repeat the act over and over again for all eternity.

When something is described as Sisyphean, that means it is both laborious and futile. For example: Emptying those dumpsters behind the school feels like a Sisyphean task. You empty them week after week, but they just fill up again.

Sisyphean is spelled S-I-S-Y-P-H-E-A-N.