Sibylline - #496

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Jan 29 2019 1 mins   12

Today’s word of the day is sibylline. It’s spelled S-I-B-Y-L-L-I-NE. Sibylline is an adjective that means mysterious.

History buffs may recall a figure known as the Cumaean Sybil, a priestess who presided over the Appollonian oracle at a Greek colony. Her reputedly divine powers have been preserved in Greek and Roman Legend.

The priestesses’ name comes from the Greek Sybilla (SEE bee la) which means prophetess. But a contemporary figure doesn’t need telepathic powers to earn it. Simply being mysterious is enough. Nobody really understood Mindy. She was just this odd sibylline figure in a black cape and a purple wig.

Once again, sibylline is spelled S-I-B-Y-L-L-I-N-E.