Where the Law Thinks Your Data Lives - Steve Black - BSW #166

Mar 17 2020 29 mins   21

What data compliance regulations apply to a Las Vegas hospital with California patients? One major compliance fine can lead to a big financial hit and a complete loss of customer trust, so understanding ‘where your data lives’ and how the law shifts based on the location of data collection, storage and transfer is paramount. With no overarching federal data law, each state can (and does) require different duties from organizations that collect and keep data. A big challenge for compliance teams is figuring out which state (or states) claim your data. Unfortunately, the legal world of intangible data property is complicated and sometimes even contradictory. I will also preview my InfoSec World 2020 session - Cyberlaw Year in Review. Visit https://www.securityweekly.com/bsw for all the latest episodes! Show Notes: https://wiki.securityweekly.com/BSWEpisode166