Ep. #6 Living Today For Your Future Self with Kaylyn Dawley

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Mar 18 2020 36 mins   7

Ep. #6 Living Today For Your Future Self Today’s Episode is our first interview with one of my clients and sweet friend, Kaylyn Dawley. We talk about why getting alcohol out of her way was the key to her living her dreams of becoming an entrepreneur, how she has used the same process to help support her struggle with depression & anxiety and lots of laughs about why alcohol just isn’t cool anymore, LOL,  (and never really was).  Kaylyn is the co-owner of Action Jackson Promotions, a company that specializes in helping real estate professionals connect with their ideal clients through fun & engaging video content. She has a unique relationship with alcohol and is happy to share her experiences in the hopes it helps others live fuller, more intentional lives. Find out more about  Kaylyn’s Magic https://actionjacksonpromos.com https://www.etsy.com/shop/DawleyStyle IG @kaydawl