22 — Vayakhel-Pekudei: Holy Accounting

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Mar 19 2020 47 mins   16

In this episode, we learn about some cool women who are making all sorts of impressive art behind the scenes, speculate on the sexuality of artists, and review some neat gold facts, like that the mishkan uses it to make everything and also it is a terrible building material. Plus, both our hosts learn about new facets of each other; catch us just finding out basics like "where we each grew up" and "what our parents do for a living" after having already been friends for years.

Full transcript available here.

The book that Jaz quotes at 14 minutes in is called The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions by Larry Mitchell. The dvar from Rabbi Ari Lev Fornani that Jaz cites 23 minutes in can be found here. The series by Neal Stephenson that Lulav mentions 27 minutes in, starting with Quicksilver, is called The Baroque Cycle. At 32 minutes, Jaz cites Midrash Tanchumah.

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