Ep. #1 Breaking Up Is Hard To Do...(or is it?) 🅴

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Feb 25 2020 18 mins   7

In this episode I will talk about the 1st shift, of my revolutionary 5 Shifts approach to getting alcohol out of your way.  Somewhere along the line,  we have decided alcohol is different than changing other relationships, we want it to magically just all go away overnight, but it doesn't. Just like an ex-lover, your life has been wrapped around your relationship with alcohol and takes some unraveling. By knowing this, and the belief that you are moving towards freedom, will expedite the process de-conditioning the mind. BUT, you have to make a decision one way or the other to stop waiting and start NOW!  To sign up for a consultation & get your on demand training of the 5 Shifts Process, visit: www.marywagstaffcoach.com