Ep. #3 Got Curiosity? 🅴

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Feb 25 2020 18 mins   3

In this episode I will talk about the place inbetween DRINKING IS LIFE to A LIFE WITHOUT ALCOHOL. When you are deep in the throws of daily drinking, or alcohol being the "IT" thing for you, you can't imagine your life without it. Curiosity is the place where you can live that doesn't create further attachment nor impossibility. You have to bridge the gap between your current beliefs that nothing will ever be the same without booze and that alcohol is irrelevant to you. Curiosity is an amazing tool to have during all transitions. Especially the ones you know are in your best interest but where you are still attached to the past beliefs. This is a crucial step to stepping away from willpower and into true inspiration.  To sign up for a consultation & get your on demand training of the 5 Shifts Process, visit: www.marywagstaffcoach.com.