Ep. #4 Throw A Better Party

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Mar 04 2020 19 mins   4

There is no better version of anyone you can be besides yourself. Learn how to throw a better party than Booze ever could. In this episode I talk about taking the Curious Observer next level and tapping into the power of CHOICE. This is where you become the INTENTIONAL CREATOR of your life. Deciding how you want to show up in the world ON PURPOSE. Asking what am I getting out of alcohol that I can't do for myself? It’s time to start practicing new thoughts about what is possible for you on the other side of alcohol. Your current thoughts are beliefs because you practiced them. You simply need to start practicing new ones, with the highest version of yourself as the MUSE, for those to become your new reality. Then you throw a party no one would dare to miss and it’s called, your life!