Ep. #5 Rise Above The Noise

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Mar 11 2020 33 mins   4

In this episode we will talk about the final shift to get alcohol out of your way: This includes the two main factors in the ability to overcome all adversity, in our case: alcohol.  The first player is you; your internal resources. A reminder of how powerful you are once you can hear yourself think or just be. The next, is the supportive other. We are all born with internal resources, AKA, your intuition and perseverance. This is the ability to advocate for ourselves, and our unique truth, personal freedom and choice, above all else regardless of the collective conversation happening around us. However, with the shadow of alcohol and the ever increasing LOOK OVER HERE, world of social media, it is imperative that we find solace in the supportive of another and in a way that truly resonates with who we are uniquely. For many, groups on and offline are a place to move out of isolation, but not necessarily get that individualized support, recognition and validation that is needed during times of great transition. This is crucial for so many who wish to move on from the story of alcohol, rather than broadcast it as a bullet point on their lifelong resume. When we are more equipped to head out into the noisy world, with our feet grounded, our head held high and our hearts open and ready to love and be loved, we become unstoppable.