#13 Pilot Talk - Startle effect with Captain Owen Sims

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Mar 23 2020 77 mins   5

Captain Owen Sims is a renowned public speaker and a passionate lifelong student of human factors and psychology. He is a Type Rating Examiner, an experienced instructor, and a Crew Resource Management (CRM) trainer. In this episode, we dive deeper into one of his areas of expertise, the startle effect, and talk about how pilots can counteract potentially detrimental instincts during situations where fear and surprise join forces to throw us off guard.

When this episode was recorded, Captain Owen Sims was employed with FlyBe, a UK airline that unfortunately no longer exists. We know many of the wonderful men and women that used to work for FlyBe, and would like to express our sincerest gratitude for the fantastic airline you were a part of - along with our deepest sorrow over the fact that FlyBe has ceased to operate. We wish all of our industry colleagues at FlyBe the best of luck with your future endeavors.