Call of Cthulhu Audio Recording: Phantoms

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Feb 03 2012
I don't know what to say except that everybody is in for a real treat. Erin read Dean Koontz's novel Phantoms and said, "This would make a GREAT Call of Cthulhu scenario". So she adapted it for that purpose. There was also a really bad movie made from the novel starring Liev Schreiber, Ben Affleck, Peter O'Toole and Rose McGowan but I think that we blew their performances out of the water. This is a long one though so settle in and don't go anywhere.


I played Jenny. I really got into the disease research aspect of it and put my one semester of Microbiology to good use, much to the annoyance of everyone else. What can I say, we had a good time playing this one.

I suppose I should apologize for the creaky table and the bird clock. Sorry about that.  Hopefully it won't render the whole session unlistenable.