MODSonair Episode 357

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Dec 01 2012 69 mins  
The week ending Nov. 25, 2012 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by This show: Xbox set-top box, bricked Wii U consoles, Mirror's Edge 2, STEAM AUTUMN SALE, Portal 2 Update, Interstellar Marines: Prologue, Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption, Strike Suit Zero, GTA V: PC a consideration, Far Cry 3 videos, Police Raid 9-Year-Old Pirate Bay Girl, more... Hosts: foyleman, Stryder, Welshy, Ham, Breesy URLs: **This show may contain explicit language or adult themes. Run time: 69:09 Website Link: HERE Video: Watch on YouTube or on We are LIVE every weekend. Tune in on Sunday at 12pm EST (5pm GMT) over at (profile name “modsonair”). Check out all our past videos on Youtube and our iTunes compatible videos and audio on Ask us about advertising or drop us an email for the show. Show notes: - Opener -------------------------------------------------------- - Xbox set-top box out before Christmas 2013, according to a new report - Botched firmware update leading to bricked Wii U consoles - Mirror's Edge 2 in Development - STEAM AUTUMN SALE DAY FOUR - Portal 2 Update Released - Interstellar Marines: Prologue Explained on Kickstarter - FUNDED: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption by the Quest for Glory designers by Corey Cole - FUNDED: Strike Suit Zero by Born Ready Game - GTA V: PC a consideration - Far Cry 3 videos: first 10 minutes, first hallucination - Police Raid 9-Year-Old Pirate Bay Girl, Confiscate Winnie The Pooh Laptop