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Nov 16 2012 66 mins  
The week ending Nov. 11 2012 in gaming news from a modders perspective brought to you by This show: Happy Veterans Day, Microsoft retire Messenger and moves to Skype, VoxFox Megan Fox, Black Friday is coming, Wreck-It Ralph movie with games, Aliens vs. Marines mod, Hawken, GTA 5 reveal, Original DOOM 3 Back on Steam, Routine to release on Steam, Battlefield 1942 free, Origin to add Twitch.TV streaming, Curiosity, Desert Bus 6, Apple shares slide, THQ in default on credit, Russian ban of violent games, more... Hosts: foyleman, Breesy, Welshy, Ham URLs: **This show may contain explicit language or adult themes. Run time: 66:17 Website Link: HERE Video: Watch on YouTube or on We are LIVE every weekend. Tune in on Sunday at 12pm EST (5pm GMT) over at (profile name “modsonair”). Check out all our past videos on Youtube and our iTunes compatible videos and audio on Ask us about advertising or drop us an email for the show. Show notes: - Opener -------------------------------------------------------- - Happy Veterans Day - Microsoft to retire Messenger, begins migration to Skype - VoxFox -The Story of Megan Fox's Hidden Passion. Brought to you by the Acer Aspire S7 - Black Friday is coming - Wreck-It Ralph (3-D) movie packed with gaming goodness - Aliens vs. Marines mod recasts AVP into Crysis 2 - Hawken's 10M Player Target - GTA 5 reveal analysis: fancy a threesome? - Original DOOM 3 Back on Steam; BFG Source Release Coming - Routine to release on Steam during spring 2013, says Lunar Software - Battlefield 1942 turns 10, is free on Origin now - Origin client update to add Twitch.TV streaming function - Curiosity day one: 97 million squares destroyed, 157,382 players registered - Desert Bus 6 now accepting donations on its road to Hope - Apple shares slide by 20% since September, equals £80bn loss - THQ in default on $50 million line of revolving credit with Wells Fargo - Russian authorities talk “possible ban” of violent games after Moscow shooting