Panel Discussion: Health System Capacity and Access to Care

Aug 04 2015 25 mins  
In this discussion, panelists Tom DeLeire, Peter Cunningham and Ian Hill consider the possible growth in demand for health care under the Affordable Care Act, and our network of hospitals and medical professionals will be able to meet that demand. DeLeire is a Professor of Public Policy at Georgetown University, Cunningham is a Senior Fellow and Director of Quantitative Research at the Center for Studying Health System Change, and Hill is a research fellow with the Urban Institute. This discussion is from the November 2013 Center for Poverty Research conference The Affordable Care Act and Low Income Populations: Lessons from and Challenges for Research. This conference brought together a unique mix of researchers, policy professionals and industry leaders to discuss what the new law means for health care in this country, as well as its possible impacts on domestic poverty. Learn more at