Critical Wit #41 – From The Cutting Room Floor 4

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Jan 05 2012 15 mins  
In this episode, I give you more interview excerpts from off of the cutting room floor, such as when I asked Mark Stevenson about nanotechnology, as well as how it felt interviewing the great minds in science (epsd 32), why the articles about imagination and creativity are amongst Maria Konnikova’s favorites in her Lessons From Sherlock Holmes series (epsd 38), and comedian Jill Twiss about differences between theater and stand-up (epsd 33), and of course, some bloopers and a tangential aside about cake-baking. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider ‘liking’ the Critical Wit page on Facebook and/or give it a rating in iTunes. You can also follow Critical Wit on Twitter @TheCriticalWit. Thanks!