Critical Wit #62 – Review: Penguin Evolution and Bat Conservation

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Jun 28 2012 20 mins  
Due to technical problems with my recording system, there won’t be a new episode of Critical Wit for a couple of weeks. However, I have stitched together two excerpts of earlier, popular episodes that either you may have not heard, or would appreciate a recap of some of the more interesting parts of the interviews. The first excerpt is from episode 11 and is about the evolutionary history of penguins, and the second excerpt is from episode 13 and is about the conservation of bats. You can find reference links that are discussed in this episode, in the show notes of the original episodes. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider ‘liking’ the Critical Wit page on Facebook and/or give it a rating in iTunes. You can also follow the podcast on Twitter; @TheCriticalWit. Thanks!