Critical Wit #54 – The Revisionaries (Scott Thurman)

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Apr 19 2012 21 mins  
In this episode, I talk with documentary film-maker, Scott Thurman. We discuss his current documentary film, “The Revisionaries.” It centers on the story from 2011 about the Texas State Board of Education’s push to update the school curriculum’s science standards as it relates to the teaching of evolution. This conversation originally took place in early February, but near the end of the episode, I have a second, brief conversation from April 15, where Scott provides an update on the movie’s progress. You can find out more about this movie and when it may be played in your area by visiting or the movie’s Facebook page. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider ‘liking’ the Critical Wit page on Facebook and/or give it a rating in iTunes. You can also follow Critical Wit on Twitter @TheCriticalWit. Thanks! *Edit – In the introduction and conclusion of the interview, I incorrectly stated the movie’s website. It should be