Critical Wit #44 – Ernest Shackleton’s Antarctic Adventure…Told On Twitter

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Jan 26 2012 32 mins  
Peggy Nelson is a new media artist who’s currently using Twitter to tell the incredible survival story of Antarctic explorer Ernest Shackleton. In the first of this two-episode interview, Sophie Bushwick talks with Nelson, who recounts Ernest Shackleton’s incredible 1914 expedition and why she ultimately decided to tell his tale on Twitter. You can find out more about Peggy Nelson by visiting her website at, and you can follow Ernest Shackleton in the midst of his adventure, describing his experiences at Sophie Bushwick is a freelance science writer who contributes to Scientific American’s Sixty Seconds Podcast, and the io9 blogging network. You can subscribe to her blog called “Life is just a theory” at and follow her on Twitter @SophieBushwick. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider ‘liking’ the Critical Wit page on Facebook and/or give it a rating in iTunes. You can also follow Critical Wit on Twitter @TheCriticalWit. Thanks!