Sally Rippin: "There’s a lot of power in being cruel."

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Jun 25 2018 33 mins  
Sally Rippin’s bestselling Billie B Brown series stole the hearts of kids around Australia. Now she’s tackling various issues - including racism - in her new series Polly and Buster. We chat with Sally about the responsibility and joy of writing for children, how growing up in various countries and her reading habits informed the person she became, and how children’s literature offers so much more to children than entertainment. Books mentioned in this podcast: Billie B Brown series by Sally Rippin: Polly and Buster series by Sally Rippin: Any Ordinary Day by Leigh Sales: The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl: Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White: Aaron Blabey: The Day My Bum Went Psycho by Andy Griffiths: Hosts: John Purcell and Sarah McDuling Guest: Sally Rippin