Osher Günsberg: "It was a rough adjustment period."

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Aug 20 2018 33 mins  
Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most well-known and most loved celebrities. What few may realise is that behind that charming smile he has long struggled with complex mental illness. What does it take to have a career in television? How do you deal with complex mental illness? How do you fight your way back to health? We chat with Osher about that and more, which can all be found in his new memoir Back, After the Break. Some books mentioned in this podcast: Back, After the Break by Osher Günsberg —> https://bit.ly/2Po5Av1 The Machine Stops by E.M. Forster —> https://bit.ly/2BrAujd Host: Sarah McDuling and John Purcell Guest: Osher Günsberg