Adam Liaw: "I never wanted this book to be less than the series."

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Aug 23 2018 25 mins  
Adam Liaw finds he can’t really complain about his job. After all, travelling to different countries and eating some of the best food in the world doesn’t sound too bad, does it? After winning MasterChef in 2010, Adam has gone on to author a number of extremely successful cookbooks. His latest, Destination Flavour, ties in with his award-winning SBS television series of the same name. He now knows how to herd and cook Reindeer, has made connections with fascinating people all over the world and talks with us about Australia’s hangups when it comes to cuisine. Books mentioned in this podcast: Destination Flavour by Adam Liaw —> Hosts: John Purcell and Robert O’Hearn Guest: Adam Liaw