Plugged & Unplanned 3.1 - Jeremy Heimans

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Dec 20 2018 22 mins  
Welcome back to another week of Plugged and Unplanned! This week Tony Nash talks with Jeremy Heimans, co-founder and CEO of Purpose, a company devoted to building and supporting movements to advance the fight for an open, just, and habitable world. Jeremy is also one of the authors of New Power, a book that takes a fascinating look at how power has changed with the rise of the internet and the ease of connectivity in the modern world. Tony and Jeremy discuss not only how the world has changed but how power has changed with it. They also chat about the old models of power, which saw the few hoarding power which was generally acquired through money and privilege. In contrast, this idea of 'New Power' involves harnessing the power of the many and working collaboratively to encourage change. Using the analogy of video games, Jeremy likens old power to Tetris and New Power to Minecraft. Books mentioned in this podcast: New Power by Jeremy Heimans and Henry Timms —> Host: Tony Nash Guest: Jeremy Heimans