Plugged & Unplanned 4.1 - Robert Gerrish

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Jan 30 2019 20 mins  
Plugged & Unplanned is back and this week you’ll hear Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash speaks with Robert Gerrish, founder of Flying Solo and the author of The 1 Minute Commute. Did you know that over 74% of Australian small businesses are single person businesses? Tony and Robert discuss this rise of the single person business and how they allow their owners the flexibility to live how they want and test new ideas while maintaining a full-time career. Robert’s experience with Flying Solo is in working with these solo entrepreneurs to plan and grow these businesses, not just in terms of the business but also in relation to personal well-being. He discusses how important it is for the solo entrepreneur to remain connected to the world - often many of these small businesses fold, not because the business fails but because the owner realises that the business is not good for them. Books mentioned in this podcast: The 1 Minute Commute by Robert Gerrish —> Host: Tony Nash Guest: Robert Gerrish