Plugged & Unplanned 4.2 - Robert Gerrish

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Feb 06 2019 20 mins  
Plugged & Unplanned is back and this week you’ll hear Booktopia’s CEO Tony Nash speak with Robert Gerrish, founder of Flying Solo and the author of The 1 Minute Commute. If you’ve ever had trouble selling yourself - particularly as a business owner - then you will want to listen to what Robert has to say about it. It’s not an uncommon plight and the struggle to know how to sell oneself is as common as it is frightening. Robert goes into the mistakes people make when trying to sell their small business to consumers. There’s a great little antidote about an accountant who struggled with this but then was able to apply new techniques to ‘sell himself’ and what he did for a living in conversations. Now you might be thinking: not every small business can afford a coach or mentor. Not every business can afford formal training in these kinds of matters. But Robert has solutions for this too. Listen to Tony and Robert chat below for that and more! Books mentioned in this podcast: The 1 Minute Commute by Robert Gerrish —> Host: Tony Nash Guest: Robert Gerrish