Catherine Moolenschot & Jim Penman on Jim's Book

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Feb 20 2019 22 mins  
We all know Jim’s - Jim’s Mowing, Jim’s Cleaning, Jim’s Fencing… it’s an institute here in Australia! Jim’s Book tells the fascinating story of the man and the business that bears his name. Speaker, author, ghostwriter and mentor Catherine Moolenschot is now an expert in Jim’s life and takes a deep look at the man behind the business. Booktopians Tracey and Rob sit down to talk with Catherine and Jim about how they started working together, the surprising nature of Jim’s story and how Jim’s grew from a simple lawn mowing job to one of Australia’s biggest brands. Books mentioned in this podcast: Jim’s Book by Catherine Moolenschot —> Hosts: Tracey Mills and Robert O’Hearn Guests: Jim Penman and Catherine Moolenschot