Podcast Episode 2: Neil K. Aggarwal

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Oct 28 2019 23 mins  
In this episode of Global Thought Podcast, Vishakha N. Desai, Vice Chair of the Committee on Global Thought (CGT), interviews Neil K. Aggarwal, Committee on Global Thought Member, Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University, and Research Psychiatrist at New York State Psychiatry Institute. Aggarwal discusses his new book, 'Media Persuasion in the Islamic State' and the role of language and messaging and psychology of persuasion behind media operations of terrorist groups, specifically the Islamic State. Aggarwal demonstrates the importance of examining media persuasion as a serious source of information and entry point to understanding the Islamic State and others in the global terrorist network. The way that these groups use language to make meaning is key to understanding a critique of globalization, understanding those who push back against the idea that everyone has a place in this transformed world.