Melissa Ashley: "They were using fairytales to survive."

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Oct 30 2019 18 mins  
Melissa Ashley is a writer, poet, birder and academic who tutors in poetry and creative writing at the University of Queensland. She has published a collection of poems, The Hospital for Dolls, short stories, essays and articles. Author of The Birdman’s Wife, Melissa is now back with The Bee and the Orange Tree, a beautifully lyrical and deeply absorbing portrait of a time, a place, and the subversive power of the imagination. Booktopia’s Ben and Olivia sat down with Melissa to discuss her new book and where she got her inspiration from, history, her research and so much more. Books mentioned in this podcast: The Bee and the Orange Tree by Melissa Ashley —> Hosts: Ben Hunter and Olivia Fricot Guest: Melissa Ashley