The Daily Booktopian 22/05/20 - Prosper's Demon, The Fowl Twins, Brickman's Family Challenge Book

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May 21 2020 10 mins  
Welcome to 'The Daily Booktopian,' where our book team goes over the best books you should be reading right now in the time of social isolation and COVID-19. For our thirty-sixth episode, Mark hosts Cassandra Sharp & Samantha Joice to discuss the books that have been grabbing their attention over the last week. Disclaimer: Apologies for the lower sound quality, we will be looking to improve it in subsequent podcasts. Books Mentioned in this podcast: K.J. Parker - Prosper's Demon: Eoin Colfer: - The Fowl Twins: Aussie Author Shoutout: Ryan McNaught - Brickman's Family Challenge Book: Host: Mark Harding Guests: Cassandra Sharp & Samantha Joice Producer: Nick Wasiliev