The noses around the world | S2E6 Yucatan

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Jul 24 2020 109 mins  
Challenge, challenge, challenge!! Tori, Jackie, and our final 4 agents barely get a chance to fathom the days of luxurious makeup room scenes in this challenge-packed penultimate ep. Tune in to find out who our final 3 is and more importantly, to hear a new, original club hit featuring Ahmad!! We’re getting merch! Hit us up in the comments, on twitter @holymolypodcast, or through our email [email protected] if you’d want a Holy Moly sticker or have any other cute merch ideas! As always, huge shout out and thanks to John Ford, who we’re forever indebted to for his amazing theme song, logo creation, jingle, and this week, our club hit Night School. We love your feedback and theories! Leave us some comments, suggestions, or reviews wherever you listen! We’re loving The Totem Pole! Watch them on YouTube here: Check out how your holy moly ladies do on Victory House Production's 2nd season of the Mole: Reach us / find us here!