Episode 11: Wait, that's not Sparrow...

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Feb 22 2012
Episode 11 features a guest podcaster! In other words...Sparrow has misplaced her microphone. She promises to have a new one by next week.  In the meantime, enjoy this super duper episode presented by "Anairb" from Ravelry! ♥Thank you Briana♥

Direct MP3 link: http://ia600800.us.archive.org/9/items/TheNewsNestEp11/NN11.mp3

Other note: At the time of this recording, there was only one half of the Quest Clue to record. Please check the Ravelry boards for the rest of this week's clue!!

P.S. Sorry about the intro--I somehow mutilated the words beyond comprehension. The intro says "In a World where Tiny Owls stalk each other by night, this is the News Nest!" It's a reference to the swap, of course. :-)