Episode #3: The Power Of High Performance Sleep With Dr. Michael Breus

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Apr 04 2018 61 mins  

How well do you sleep at night?
Do you wake up multiple times in the middle of the night? Do you stay up all night tossing and turning? Wish you could sleep like a baby again?

If you struggle with sleep, you are not alone! For years I struggled with chronic pain, which led to nights of no sleep.

I've struggled with waking up exhausted, not having enough energy to power through my insane to-do lists. It's an awful feeling, I know.

I am so excited to bring you some answers to this problem today! In this episode, I interview my friend Dr. Michael Breus. Who is also known as The Sleep Doctor!

In our conversation, we dive deep into sleep and how it affects our everyday lives. Sleep is a bigger factor in many health issues that you may have, and we will talk about all of these issues in this interview. You will also get actionable tips to get a better night sleep tonight!

If you are struggling with weight gain, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, your sex life, and stress, you need to listen to this to take a deeper look into how a great night’s sleep can change your life!

Ready to have a great night sleep and wake up fully refreshed?

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