The Align Podcast: Episode 05

May 20 2014 1 mins  
Brandon Travan Managed Services, Cloud Solutions There are many cloud solution models out there — some open source models, some mammoth providers that have built their own custom platforms. But by using EMC and VMware, and by extension Cisco technology, and then building our environment using EMC's VSPEX Reference Architectures in our design, we're able to use our cloud to offer clients enterprise-grade tools that they're already plugged into, that their legacy applications already work with on par with what they would have built themselves in-house, without having to retrofit or rebuild any application, but consume it as an OPEX, consume it in the cloud model, have dynamic scale and have the guarantee that it's being run by experts on a day-to-day basis. It's not easy to become the level of partner that we've achieved with EMC. We've put an enormous amount of time and money and care into acquiring the skill set, into building the right team, into training that team over the years, making sure they've got the gray hair that they need to be the utmost expert in these technologies.