Episode 1: Psycho

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Jul 12 2013
In which an Oscar nominated director is accused of being a tracer, masturbation is declared to be wrong, and our guest is broken on more than one occasion....

Illustration by Dana Miller. Check out her deviantART page.

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A big huge wonderful sensational not at all desperate thank you to Dayna from Made of Fail. While child services would likely disagree, she's the best parental figure any podcast could ask for.

As we're sure you'll note early on, Noel doesn't talk for long stretches during the first half, and when he does, there's often the sounds of banging in the background. That's because, we kid you not, a maintenance dude showed up to fix a leaking faucet, something Noel requested two months ago, literally less than a minute before we were about to start recording. Since we'd rescheduled things twice already, we just decided to plug ahead, and an extra thanks must be given to Dayna's ranting skills so Noel could often mute his mic over the noise.

For more information about the 1960 version of Psycho by Alfred Hitchcock, visit its IMDB and Wikipedia pages.

For more information about the 1998 version by Gus Van Sant, visit its IMDB and Wikipedia pages.

And for more information about the original 1959 novel by Robert Bloch, visit its Wikipedia page.